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Basic Lessons

These 8 written instructions take you through the process of restoring your own objects or for those of other people. We instruct the foundation of all restoration such as with porcelains, stoneware, chalkware / plaster, pottery, ceramics, and many others.

These great lessons are a complete set of instructions for restoring many types of materials.  They take you from the moment the piece (or pieces) are in your hands ready to be prepared for restoration to the final finish.  They are full of information that will save you time and will help you create a beautiful restoration without further damage to the article.  A reversible restoration.  They can be purchased individually or as a set.  The supplies from TSR needed for each lesson can be purchased separately from the Supply list or by ordering the kit itself.

This selections does not come with supplies. For the Basic Lessons with supplies, please click here.

Although a complimentary set, you still may purchase the instructions individually or all together. We are striving to allow you to learn how to restore at your own pace. Please note that we offer Basic Lesson I free with the purchase of Restoration Video 1.


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Basic Lesson I $10.00


Basic Lesson I

It is good to know before you start a project that you can  proceed with assurance and are going in the right direction.  This instructional lesson will provide good general...
Basic Lesson II $10.00


Basic Lesson II

Pre-fitting, (to save pain and suffering) an easier way to assemble and bond fragments.  Several techniques are explained and some do's and dont's. Includes...
Basic Lesson III $10.00


Basic Lesson III

  Restoring using fillers is instructed with proper filling of chips, cracks, sanding and shaping.  Lesson III describes ways to use the right filler in chips and cracks so...
Basic Lesson IV $10.00


Basic Lesson IV

This Lesson IV shows steps with preparation for finishing. Many uses of undercoats and our Dulwhite  product.  Paint, any paint cannot hide hairline cracks or glued breaks....
Basic Lesson V $10.00


Basic Lesson V

Chalk-ware / plaster, papier mache`, wood, wax, and low fired earthenware. Gluing, filling, building parts and finishing.
Basic Lesson VI $10.00


Basic Lesson VI

Making molds, using models and hand building made so simple the novice can try it.  This Lesson VI is also available with supplies at the following link;  Kit Lesson VI
Basic Lesson VII $10.00


Basic Lesson VII

Painting and finishing, high gloss surfaces, gold, glazing and airbrushing. This Lesson VII is also available with supplies at the following link;  Kit Lesson VII
Basic Lesson VIII $10.00


Basic Lesson VIII

Further instruction on painting and finishing, matte surfaces, more uses for Dulwhite and replacing design. This Lesson VIII is also available with supplies at the...
Basic Lessons II thru Lessons VIII $70.00

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Basic Lessons II thru Lessons VIII

Basic Lesson II Basic Lesson III Basic Lesson IV Basic Lesson V Basic Lesson VI Basic Lesson VII Basic Lesson VIII There is no supplies with this order.  You may purchase a...

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