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We have tried to make your order experience as flexible as possible. You are able to buy only what you need to complete your artistic endeavor. For more information, just click on the below links or their pictures. Please don't overlook our other selections.

All items marked with a symbol must be shipped by ground only. Even if you choose another form of shipping, these marked items will only be sent out by ground. At the present time we are not exporting from the USA any items marked for ground shipment.

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Starter Kit (no videos) $93.35

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Starter Kit (no videos)

This kit comes with the porcelain and ceramic restoration supplies you would need for all (3) "Restoration of Porcelain & Ceramics" videos. Videos not included....
All 18 of our German Artist Pigments $38.98

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All 18 of our German Artist Pigments

These are of the finest German Artist Pigments available and of a very finely ground powder. Purchase all 18* of our populer artist restoration color powders by adding just this one...
Dulglaz 8 oz $19.85


Dulglaz 8 oz

When a low sheen surface appearance is needed there is no way to get that without a good final matte glaze. There are many degrees of dullness and this can give a...
Dulwhite 8 oz $19.85


Dulwhite 8 oz

This Dulwhite 8 oz is a more economical purchase for those who may need more than just our 3 oz version. As no filler can produce a perfect fill and no fragments can be bonded without...
Glosglaz 8 oz $19.85


Glosglaz 8 oz

Glosglaz is designed for that final layer of glaze giving richness and depth to the appearance of the newly restored area.  Glosglaz   will blend the restoration to...
Gloswhite 8 oz $19.85


Gloswhite 8 oz

Our Gloswhite lacquer is used primarily for replacing background colors.   It can be tinted or used as is.  Gloswhite can duplicate the thick pottery glazes because it...
TSR Color Sample Chart $16.00


TSR Color Sample Chart

Color sample chart for formulating colors. This is our own sampling of the many variations of similar color combinations and what basic colors make up these variations. These are...
Detaglaz 3 oz $10.85


Detaglaz 3 oz

Detaglaz is our highly respected oil based medium. Nothing is more discouraging than going through all the stages of smoothing the surface, laying on the glaze and when you apply the...
Dulglaz 3 oz $10.85


Dulglaz 3 oz

When a low sheen surface appearance is needed there is no way to get that without a good final matte glaze. There are many degrees of dullness and this can give a restorer a trying...
Dulwhite 3 oz $10.85


Dulwhite 3 oz

Yes, this is our famous Dulwhite . This is our most versatile and beloved product. We have had many people call us to make sure we would keep this product available in the future so...

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