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T.S. Restoration is today an active studio for the restoration of fine art and cabinet pieces. Judy Denson has been a devoted practitioner in this area since the late 1960's. But also is a recognized artist for her paintings and fine art of numerous mediums. Judy Denson and and her sister Jean Crosby are the authors of "Two Sisters Guide to Antique Restoration".

We are a family of small business's that presently has over 210 years of experience in restoration work, four generations serving Arizona since 1949.

Our studios, many years ago, provided porcelain and ceramic restoration courses in the metro Phoenix, Arizona area. Numerous folks from around the world sought our expertise on the information we acquired. But not everyone wishes or is able to learn in a typical classroom environment. We put together these lessons and videos to allow a student to approach these studies at a pace they prefer. A learning method that may imprint the mind and hopefully bring out ones artistic ability in a rewarding and fun way.

Our long time philosophy is to provide only what you may need or is hard to find. We will not force you to buy a large instructional kit with a bunch of items you will hardly use.

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