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How to Preserve Dolls

How to Preserve Precious Bisque Dolls

by Judy Denson

Three secured dolls

These dolls make a charming group and are wisely secured with hidden ties in the back.


Calamity befalls a bisque doll in an instant. The collector or dealer of dolls must refrain from becoming just a little careless. Haste is the number one cause of a catastrophe.

The following tips can help you avoid many mishaps and let you know the best course of action if an accident does occur.

Lets begin with a classic. A doll handed down in the family has been residing safely face down in a drawer or box, wrapped properly in acid free paper or an old towel. A child in the home stumbles upon a big secret; a beautiful doll. While in awe at the find, they can break it to bits because the have no knowledge of what it is or how to handle it.

How do you you hold a bisque doll? Just like a real baby, especially if it belongs to someone else. If you let a friend...

Three Doll Heads

The head has breaks glued (mostly on the back) and the large missing section filled and shaped. Undercoater is over the fill and breaks to fill tiny indentations. The undercoater leveler over the breaks and fill is refined and ready to receive the color coats and glaze coats.

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