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"Restoring Porcelains and Ceramics", Video 3

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China Restoration Video Three


The third video will show the application of color; painting by hand and using the airbrush. There are many little tricks to try when using an airbrush for special effects. Paint mixing, always a popular dilemma, is shown. The restorer does not need to know the complexities of technical color data but getting the brush in the paint and having the nerve to get it on the object are essential and we show how to acquire that nerve.

Painting can be the most fun and be the most trying of times. Shown are the different aspects of painting pottery and porcelain and of painting a very delicate or bold piece. No one need fear that most dreaded catastrophe; the big mistake of the wrong color leading to starting over. It can be said this is a learning experience, but to learn an easier way is rewarding.

It is not possible to show every example of painting excursion one will travel. That is why the examples shown are so helpful because these same methods can be used in a variety of ways. Paints and glazes of all kinds and their solvents are a mystery. TSR has always used the least complicated system of applying color and glaze and yet these methods will develop a beautiful invisible restoration. That final just right look is important to the restorer. Never more important than when he hands it to the client.

This video is also available with restoration supplies used in the demonstrations. You will find the Kit options listed under Video with Supplies Kits.

Video 3 contains one hour and 46 minutes of detailed hands on instructions. VHS NTSC

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