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Dulwhite 3 oz


Yes, this is our famous Dulwhite. This is our most versatile and beloved product. We have had many people call us to make sure we would keep this product available in the future so they wouldn't have to be without our Dulwhite. As no filler can produce a perfect fill and no fragments can be bonded without leaving a glue line, something is required to smooth over the area and disguise the repair. Dulwhite fulfills this need and makes the surface ready for the final layers of color and glazes.

Dulwhite is an opaque matte white and has a tenacious sticking power but is easily sanded. It can be carved or tooled and has many other uses. Store in a cool dry location away from heat or any flames. Reducing solvent is a high quality lacquer thinner. Dulwhite is concentrated and will go a long way.

There is 8 oz bottles of Dulwhite available at this link.

Use only in well ventilated areas. Requires Eye, Lung and Skin Protection.
Flammable. Keep out of the reach of children.


Videos 1 and 3 show the many uses of Dulwhite and the whole Basic Lesson IV is devoted to Dulwhite. More is also discussed in Basic Lesson VIII

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