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Detaglaz 3 oz


Parcel Post shipping only. Detaglaz is our highly respected oil based medium. Nothing is more discouraging than going through all the stages of smoothing the surface, laying on the glaze and when you apply the color it is all wrong. In all too many cases, with other methods, it takes a harsh solvent with disastrous results to remove an objectionable color coat. That is unless you use Detaglaz. Never fear--this glaze with color can be removed and another color tried and removed again if necessary. Mistakes happen and cleaning them up need not be a nightmare.

Detaglaz and the available combination of color choices is endless which means less color mixing time is needed. Learn how to restore with our "How to" Restoration Videos or Basic Lessons without being frustrated with restrictions. Why spend time getting that just right Roseville color, or any others for that matter, only to have to start all over the next day or even just a short time later.

With our restoration methods and Detaglaz you can achieve your match and then put the item aside for completion anytime in the future. Artistic inspiration doesn't always surface when you need it. Finish up where you left off, or undo just what you need. Detaglaz in this one size will last you a very long time even with constant use. Reducing solvent for Detaglaz is artist turpentine or turpenoid.

Restoration Video 3 and Basic Lessons VII and VIII give many examples and instructions on using our Detaglaz. 

Parcel Post shipping only.Parcel Post shipping only.              

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