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Pottery Restoration Information & Methods

  • They should be simple. 
  • The materials used in each phase should be compatible. 
  • The results should be reliable. 

Do you like the idea of learning this art / craft at your own pace and in your own home? Our work in progress restoration videos and lessons may be the answer. T.S. Restoration's pottery repair video and lesson courses may save you frustration, time and money. Learn a skill to earn extra income while you work at home.

The longevity of ceramic restorations using our methods has been proven with the continued return of clients to our studio since the late nineteen sixties.

The china Restoration course videos show by example the correct gluing, filling and preparation to receive final decoration and glaze on porcelain repairs and broken ceramics. They also show mold making and hand building and the application of color decoration and glaze effects. All of these videos show actual work in progress in a studio. You will see examples from china mending to complete invisible repairs.

As the saying goes "Try a few lessons before you develop a lot of bad habits"

Our written Lessons teach the foundation of all restorations such as with porcelains, stoneware, chalkware / plaster, pottery, ceramics, earthenware and many others. This includes cleaning, gluing, filling and preparation before applying color and glazes. You will learn how to do china mending or complete restorations. Hand building, mold making and restoration of varied materials is described. Examples of color decoration and glaze effects form a comprehensive package of restoration information. One should not overlook the many applications this knowledge is being applied to. One example is antique doll repair. Our art supplies will provide those hard to find doll restoration supplies for composition, porcelain or bisque dolls.

Whether you have never tried anything in the realm of restoring or have some experience, TSR may have some concepts that might interest you. First, our methods are of a most straight forward nature. Restoration is fascinating because every item you work on is different from the last. This in turn can appear to make the solution for these pieces very complicated. TSR will show you the principles of pottery and ceramic repair that will work on many various types of art objects. Become a valuble part of the American restoration movement preserving history.

A china restoration course can be very expensive. In these times when everyone wants to save money TS Restoration lets you start very small; a lesson or video at a time if you wish. Small orders are accepted.

These restoration videos can be reviewed over and over catching bits of information missed the previous time around. Have in your library a china restoration course that you can reference anytime you need.

Almost anything that can happen to a novice in this field of art has happened to us one time or another. Even though we don't have all the answers, one good thing about applying ourselves to the same trade for so many years is that we do have many of them.

Our pottery repair videos and lessons are shown and explained using our available restorer supplies. But the relevant advice and demonstration examples can be transferred to other techniques if one chooses. Porcelain signs, porcelain license plates, clock dials and many other unlimited items can also be restored professionally in addition to our focussed instructions on ceramics and porcelain art objects all the while maintaining the integrity of the original old antique patina of what may have taken decades to produce.

It should be noted that all methods of restoring art objects require the use of various glues, paints, solvents, etc. This is a hobby or profession for adults and all necessary safety precautions should be followed.


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